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Episode 3 – A Cross-section of People

Rob interviews Erica Chew, a social media personality and fellow podcaster, about diversity in America, stereotyping, and differences between racial perspectives and experiences. Erica explains what “The Talk” is, and why it is ubiquitous among African American families.

Rob then takes John Ales onto the show to discuss what it’s like to work as a middle-class character-actor.

Monique Parent is next on the line, and she talks about what it’s like being “forgotten” as an aging actress in America.

For our last guest, we have Meg Gorman, who was a fellow candidate for Congress in 2020, out of northeastern Tennessee. Meg talks about what it was like to run for office, and what she saw as she was campaigning that clearly needed improvement – including the lack of basic utilities and emergency medical care in the more rural areas of her district.

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