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Episode 1.8 – Rebuilding the American Dream, Part 1

This episode is the first of a truly focused two-part discussion of American infrastructure, and what it can mean to rebuilding the American Dream.

Our first segment is footage and description of the project that Gulf Toast, LLC is doing for it’s “news desk”; an epoxy-resin table for the great hall, and the ongoing process to form and pour it.

In the second segment, Rob speaks with Dr. Susannah Crockford, who is currently assembling material for her next book on climate change. They discuss everything from the freezing ice storm that crippled Texas, to mass transit and what it can mean to the working class.

Finally, Rob sits down with Gulf Toast co-owner Dave Langlinais, and they discuss ideas and methods that Louisiana could use to modernize the real things that Louisiana needs, as well as solutions to fight against coastal erosion.

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